My Work Featured in Exhibition at Gallery Route One, Pt. Reyes Station, CA

I am happy to announce that my work is featured in a group exhibition titled “Falling Open – On and Off the Page” at Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA. The gallery is open for appointment viewing in person or virtual viewing on the website at
My work “Daily Scrolls” is featured on the poster that is in the street front window at Gallery Route One.

This exhibition curated by Renee Owen will be on view from September 18 to October 25.  The online opening reception is Friday, Sept. 18 at 3 pm and will feature a live video gallery talk with Renee Owen.  The talk will be recorded and available online during the exhibition. 

My work “Daily Scrolls” pictured here is a book-like work completed during the first 91 days of the Covid 19 pandemic and has 91 handmade paper scrolls each created daily with text and collage on samples of handmade paper made in my studio with different plant fibers. The scrolls have painting, drawing, collage and writing on them and reflect what I was thinking about on each day from March 9 to June 7, 2020.  This is meant to be a participatory piece so the viewer can take out a scroll, unroll it and look at it read it, change or add to it and then roll it again to put back in the recycled metal shelving grid that is suspended from the ceiling.  This work is infinitely changeable and recyclable. 

Venturing Out – My Art Activities in September 2020 and Beyond


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Here are some of the art projects I am currently participating in and some that are coming up soon, as we venture forth from the pandemic and quarantine.

Hello World is an international online art exhibition and art project by TransCultural Exchange in Boston, MA. This international art project was conceived and curated by artist/curator Mary Sherman. This pandemic art project was conceived as a way to bring together artists from various countries around the world to share what they are doing and continue international cultural exchange travel during this time of the pandemic. This art project will be online indefinitely, and here is a link to my contribution for this project (click on the far-right photo in the second line):

California Petals is a public art installation I created in August 2020 for a downtown storefront window in Santa Rosa, CA, and it can be viewed at any time from now to October 15, 2020. My installation is part of the Santa Rosa Downtown Chamber’s “Open and Out” program of cultural activities in the downtown area to encourage people to stroll around in the “pedestrians only” blocks of Fourth Street where many restaurants and stores are now open for outdoor dining and limited in-person shopping. My art installation is in a vacant storefront window at 620 Fourth Street, and it consists of many giant handmade paper flower petals with seeds for California wildflowers in the pulp. After the installation comes down on October 15, I plan to “plant” these petals in Santa Rosa so that they will change over time, sprout and bloom in colorful wildflowers. Here is a link to my Blog that has more information about “California Petals”:

public art installation California Petals in downtown Santa Rosa, CA

Falling Open: On & Off the Page, Themes of Our Time is a group exhibition at Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA, that will be online as well as open for appointment viewing from September 18 to October 15, 2020. This is an invitational exhibition of artworks selected by curator Renee Owen that includes handmade artist books, installations and other works that relate to current environmental, social and pandemic issues. For this exhibition I will be showing a new work titled “Daily Scrolls” created during my first months of pandemic quarantine. This artwork has 91 handmade paper scrolls each with unique text and images that reflect my daily thoughts and experiences during this time. For more information about this exhibition:

Daily Scrolls paper sculpture

Upcoming Art Projects and Activities

2020 Lucid Art Foundation Alumni Exhibition is an online exhibition of selected works by past artists in residence at the Lucid Art Foundation in Inverness, CA. I was an artist in residence at the Lucid Art Foundation in 2013, and for this exhibition one handmade paper sculpture I made during my 2013 residency and another handmade paper sculpture created this year will be included. The first piece made in 2013 is titled “Feather Duster” and makes use of branches from a local olive tree and handmade paper “feathers” I created from local plants. My other paper sculpture in this exhibition created in 2020 is titled “Paper Poppy” and depicts a giant California golden poppy like those blooming in my yard during the pandemic this Spring. Here is a link to this online exhibition:

Paper Poppy

Living Quilt for Sojourner Truth, Artist in Residency Project, Sacramento, CA is a public art project that will be completed in November 2020 at the Sojourner Truth Community Garden, Sacramento, CA. I was selected for the City of Sacramento’s Artist in Residency Program to create a site-specific art installation at a community garden in the Pocket-Greenhaven area of Sacramento. For this project I had planned public participation activities and workshops, but this has not been possible because of the pandemic. I will create the handmade paper “quilt” in a traditional “North Star” pattern with seeds in the pulp and bring it to Sacramento in November to create a “bed” for the “quilt” and install it at the Sojourner Truth Community Garden where it will transform over time. I will be making Zoom programs for online public participation. For information about the City of Sacramento Artist in Residency program: See my Blog for updates about this project and the upcoming Zoom programs:

quilt block in “North Star” pattern for Living Quilt for Sojourner Truth in Sacramento, CA

Labor Natur, Haus zur Glocke, Steckborn, Switzerland is an exhibition curated by Judit Villager of works by three international artists who explore connections between art and science and use nature as a laboratory. This exhibition is open to the public in Switzerland from November 21, to December 12, 2020. For this exhibition I will be shipping some of my handmade paper “site maps” made in residencies around the world to Switzerland and also creating a new “site map” of the Lake Constance area encompassing Switzerland, Germany and Austria in my Santa Rosa, California, studio. I am doing online research gathering photos and information about plants that are common to northern California and the Steckborn area. Also, Judit Villager is sending me some materials by mail from Switzerland that I can put into the mixed media handmade paper site map. I hope to be able to travel to Switzerland in Spring 2021 for an artist in residency public art project at Haus zur Glocke. For more information about this exhibition in German only:
Or see this link in English at my Blog:

Lake Constance Site Map in progress

Papermaking Art Workshops and art consulting sessions in my new Santa Rosa studio will be starting again in 2021. Contact me at to get the latest information about upcoming classes and individual consulting appointment.

papermaking in my Santa Rosa studio – creating “California Petals”

My “California Petals” Installation Now on View in Santa Rosa, CA


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Yesterday I installed my “California Petals” installation in a vacant storefront window at 620 Fourth Street in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. The installation is part of the Santa Rosa Chamber’s “Open and Out” program of public art & culture activities in the downtown area during this Covid 19 time.  See this link for more information about the “Open & Out” programs in Santa Rosa:

My art installation is right next to Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen, and many of the restaurants are open for take out or outdoor service (masks and social distancing still required).  Several blocks of Fourth Street in the downtown area are blocked off for pedestrian only traffic, and more art is planned for the “Art Walk” in downtown Santa Rosa. My art installation remains on view through October 15, 2020. I am hoping to “plant” the petals somewhere on vacant land in a park or other public place after the installation comes down. The “California Petals” have seeds for California wildflowers in the handmade paper petals that will grow and bloom in the same colors. See the previous post for more photos of how the “petals” were made. Hope you get a chance to see this installation!

Public Art Installation Going Up August 6, 2020, in Santa Rosa, CA

 CALIFORNIA PETALS is my latest public art installation using handmade paper and seeds for wildflowers. This installation is part of the 2020 Santa Rosa Metro Chamber’s “Open and Out” program of art events in downtown Santa Rosa, California.  The many colorful handmade paper flower petals that make up the installation represent different wildflower species of northern California.  The giant petals, each unique and handmade using plant fibers dyed with non-toxic dyes, contain seeds for that color of wildflowers.  After this window display comes down, I will “plant” the petals in an outdoor space to transform over time and produce living blooming wildflowers. With its potential for new life, this art installation expresses hope for the future and brings new beauty and color to the downtown area of Santa Rosa. “California Petals” will be on view at the storefront windows of 620 Fourth Street through Oct. 15, 2020. 

For more information:

The photos below show me making some of the handmade paper “petals” for the installation in my studio.  Photos were taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen (  I used buttercut stencils on my papermaking molds to get the different shapes of the handmade paper petals.  I colored the paper pulp (a combination of abaca, linen, cotton and paper mulberry fibers) with fiber reactive non toxic dyes.  The seeds for wildflowers in each color of pulp will produce California wildflowers in the same color as the handmade paper.  


Photos of the downtown storefront installation will be posted here after I install the many “petals” on August 6, and “California Petals” will remain on view through October 15, 2020.  Hope you get a chance to take a stroll through downtown Santa Rosa in the newly designated car free pedestrian only blocks of Fourth Street. Other installations and art events are also planned for this area. Many downtown restaurants and bars are open now for takeout and outdoor seating; wearing masks and keeping safe social distances is required. My installation is at 620 Fourth Street in the vacant storefront windows next to the Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen.

For more information:

Program about my Handmade Paper Art Around the World is Now Available Online


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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Zoom program I did this past Wednesday, July 8, 2020, for Yolo Arts “Knowledge at Noon” is available to watch anytime online at this link:

The program goes over my process of making paper from local plant materials and creating my handmade paper art at several different artist in residency projects in Taiwan and different countries as well as in the US. Hope you get a chance to see it and let me know what you think.

I am continuing to work in my studio here in our garage in Santa Rosa, CA, and I hope to be able to go out for other art projects later in this year or next. I am doing some individual consulting and one-on-one papermaking in my studio now. Let’s keep in touch by email at least. I look forward to hearing from you.
Take care and best wishes,

“Flower Power” art installation Continues to Bloom at Yolo Art Center, Woodland, CA

My “Flower Power” outdoor art installation with handmade paper and seeds for wildflowers was installed at Yolo Arts Center, outside the Barn Gallery, on March 5, 2020, and it is continuing to bloom. These photos were taken on June 9, 2020 by curator Janice Purnell. This artwork is part of the exhibition of environmental artwork by 16 selected WEAD artist members ( and also contains indoor works in the Barn Gallery. Here is a link for the online exhibition:
The outdoor works in the exhibition are available for viewing at any time. The exhibition is scheduled to close on August 22, 2020.

Living Quilt for Newnan and Red Poppies Blooming Now featured in Newnan, GA newspaper


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Red Poppies blooming in the installation in May 2020

My Living Quilt for Newnan art installation created in August 2017 when I was an artist in residence at Newnan Art Rez is featured in an article by reporter Laurel Huster in today’s edition of the Newnan Times-Herald.
Here is the link to the article:
It is great to see the red poppies blooming there in my Newnan art installation, and I hope it continues to live and bloom for many years.

the finished Living Quilt for Newton on Sept. 1, 2017

Living Quilt Blooming Again this Spring in Newnan, Georgia


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In this time of the Coronavirus quarantine, it is great to see that my “Living Quilt for Newnan” art installation is blooming again this Spring, for its third season.  This artwork was installed August 29, 2017 on the grounds of the children’s museum in Newnan, Georgia.  Earlier this week I received some amazing photos by email from people in Newnan, and this time the flowers blooming from the “living quilt” are brilliant red poppies. These beautiful red flowers are certainly a bright sign in these dark days of the virus. 

The red poppies in my Newnan art installation came from some pretty special vintage seeds!  The red poppy seeds that I included in the quilt were some that a distant relative of mine who lives in Newnan (Pick Parks) had stored in his freezer for over 20 years.  He gave me the seeds when I was in Newnan for my artist in residency project at Newnan Art Rez ( Pick told me that his father had saved the poppy seeds over the years, and that his father was originally given the seeds by a Mr. Smith in Newnan.  Pick said that his father loved the red poppies and planted them all over their fields every year and saved the seeds.  Pick’s father passed on a few years ago, and Pick was happy to have these seeds used in my “Living Quilt for Newnan” art project.  When Pick gave me the envelope of red poppy seeds that he took from his freezer, none of us knew if the seeds would really germinate or not, but I put all of the seeds he gave me into the red parts of the Newnan “living quilt”.  It is wonderful to see them blooming there so profusely this Spring, and the people in Newnan plan to save the seeds from these poppies so that they can continue bringing joy. 

These photos of the red poppies were taken by Bette Hickman and Beth Neely in Newnan the first week in May 2020.


The photos below show how the Living Quilt for Newnan looked when it was installed on August 29, 2017.  I chose a house motif for the Newnan quilt design because Newnan is known as the “city of homes” and famous for many beautiful antebellum homes.  The quilt was made with handmade paper and had seeds for wildflowers in the pulp in the same colors and patterns.  In 2018 and 2019 other wildflowers in other colors appeared along with a few red poppies, but this year it is great to see such a profusion of red poppies. It shows us nature’s powers of rejuvenation, and that Nature just continues on in spite of what we do.    

the finished quilt installation Aug. 29, 2017 in Newnan, GA

“Flower Power” installation is Growing at Yolo Arts in Woodland, CA

My outdoor installation “Flower Power” for the Women Eco Artists Dialog (WEAD) exhibition at Yolo Arts (Gibson House) in Woodland, California, is changing and growing and should have some blooming wildflowers in a few more weeks. The installation consists of handmade paper “guns” with wildflower seeds in the pulp to sprout, grow and over time transform the “guns” into living blooming wildflowers. I used dyed abaca pulp and blue jean pulp with wildflower seeds for flowers in the same colors, and I formed the various gun shapes with stencils. Today, Janice Purnell, Creative Director at Yolo Arts, placed 4 more “guns” that I sent to her by mail on the ground in the installation, and she also took these photos today (April 26) to show the wildflowers growing from the initial installation that was done on March 5 just before the “shelter in place” directive for the Coronavirus.

In these photos you can see the small green plants, especially the distinct foliage of California golden poppies. There are also other wildflowers in red, blue, yellow and white in the installation. It is great to see the flowers growing and hope to see blooms in a few more weeks, totally transforming these “guns” into flowers.  This exhibition will remain on view through August, and it is online only for now. Galleries are closed because of the Coronavirus, but neighbors can walk around the grounds of the Gibson House and see the outdoor installations keeping social distancing and wearing masks .

Here is a link to the online exhibition:

The exhibition at Yolo Arts Barn Gallery at the Gibson House in Woodland has artworks by selected WEAD ( members that focus on the environment. There are indoor pieces as well as several outdoor installations on the grounds. I also have an indoor installation (California Delta Rivers) in this exhibition.

Thank you to Janice and the groundskeeper at the Gibson House for taking good care of the outdoor installation and for taking photos to document the changes. We did have some trouble at the beginning of this installation I call “Flower Power” with critters digging in the flower box and maybe trying to eat the paper pulp, the tiny plants or the seeds! With theses outdoor installations meant to change over time with Nature as a partner, you never know exactly what will happen, and that is one of the exciting things that keeps it interesting.

Living Quilt for Santa Rosa blooming again!


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Today my husband Tim and I went by the site of my Living Quilt for Santa Rosa installation at Rincon Ridge Park in the Fountaingrove area of Santa Rosa, CA. This public artwork was supported by a grant from the City of Santa Rosa as part of a call to artists to respond to the devastating wildfires of October 2017. It was great to see this evidence of the regenerative powers of nature and rejoice in the bright golden poppies, white linen poppies and small blue forget-me-nots and white allysium blooms.

These photos taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen show the art installation on April 13, 2020.  It is great to see this artwork surviving and thriving in these difficult times.

Here is a link to a youtube slide show about the artwork:
The video shows this artwork in all its phases as the handmade paper quilt with seeds for wildflowers in the pulp changes over time into a living bloom wildflower bed.

The headboard and footboard for the “bed” that was woven with trimmed tree branches, has blown over and been repaired and set back in place two different times after it blew down in storms with 70 mph+winds. Go out when you can to see the flowers in your neighborhood.