Workshops at my Santa Rosa Studio in February


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I am happy to offer papermaking workshops now in my Santa Rosa, CA, studio. Please contact me for more information ( or to register for a workshop in February. Other workshops will be planned, so also let me know what you would like to learn and what days or times are best for you.

Papermaking Workshops in Santa Rosa with Jane Ingram Allen
Introduction to Hand Papermaking: Feb. 10, 2018
Exotic Fibers for Papermaking: Feb. 24, 2018
at Studio Santa Rosa, 3840 Finley Ave., Building 32, Studio 107

Why take a Papermaking Workshop?
• Create your own unique paper.
• Experience the zen of hand papermaking.
• Learn about the unique qualities of different plant fibers.
• Make the handmade paper itself the finished work, or combine it with printmaking, painting, drawing, bookmaking, collage, sculpture, basketry, weaving, etc.
About the Workshops:
• intimate setting; class size limited to 5 people.
• Beginners and experienced papermakers welcome.
• Equipment and supplies provided.
• Coffee and tea provided. Bring your own lunch.
• Questions: 857-234-2432 or contact by email at
About the Instructor:
• Award winning international artist and hand papermaking expert with 40 years of experience.
• Papermaking teacher and resident artist in Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), Tanzania, France, England, Brazil, and the US. Fulbright Scholar Award artist in Taiwan and Fulbright Specialist artist in Turkey.
• Trained in traditional Japanese papermaking in Japan, and taught papermaking while living in Taiwan for 8 plus years.
• Former art professor at SUNY, Morrisville, NY, and College of St. Rose, Albany, NY.
• Taught papermaking workshops in US at Women’s Studio Workshop, Peter’s Valley School of Craft, Morgan Conservatory, Queens Botanical Garden, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology and others.
• For more info and

Description of Workshops

Introduction to Hand Papermaking: Explore basic techniques of Western papermaking including sheet forming, pressing and drying as well as decorative techniques of laminating, embedding and watermarking. Create an array of handmade papers using cotton, abaca and local plant fibers.
• Saturday, February 10, 10AM to 4PM. Pre-register by Feb. 2; email to or phone 857-234-2432.
• Cost $90 – Materials and equipment provided *
Exotic Fibers for Papermaking: Learn Japanese and Western techniques for papermaking and create an array of handmade papers from unusual fibers such as abaca, kozo (paper mulberry bark), spruce bark, and eucalyptus bark gathered locally.
• Saturday, February 24, 2018, 10AM to 4PM. Pre-register by Feb. 16; email to or phone 857-234-2432.
• Cost: $90 – Materials and equipment provided *

*Discounts Available: $10 off for taking a 2nd workshop; $10 off for recommending a friend who signs up for a workshop.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!
from Jane Ingram Allen
2017 was an eventful and artful year. At the beginning of the year I curated the environmental art projects I do each year in Taiwan. Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project took place during April and May in Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Installation “Microclimatic Life-line” by Annechien Meier and Gert-Jan Gerlach of the Netherlands for the 2017 Cheng Long Art Project

The National Museum of Marine Science International Environmental Art Project in Keelung, Taiwan, was held from June to September 2017.
In April and May I created an artwork to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Foundation in Taiwan, that was installed at the Foundation’s Taipei headquarters in June.

I created this mixed media handmade paper artwork to celebrate 60 Years of US-Taiwan Fulbright Foundation Cultural Exchanges

In August 2017 I was an artist-in- residence in Newnan, GA with an award from Newnan Art Rez to create an environmental artwork in a city park.

“Living Quilt for Newnan” was installed on August 31, 2017

In October I opened my new art studio at Studio Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, CA, after moving my art storage from New York State to Santa Rosa. I participated in an Open Studio the first weekend in November and had visitors making handmade paper.

Papermaking activity in my new Santa Rosa studio

In December I have been making a new handmade paper quilt with the “flying geese” pattern that has seeds for wildflowers in the pulp. I hope to plant this quilt and make another “flower bed” in early 2018 to memorialize the terrible October wildfires that destroyed so many homes and businesses in Santa Rosa. The transformation of the handmade paper quilt into a bed of blooming wildflowers reminds us of the regenerative power of nature and creates an evolving living artwork.

“Living Quilt for Newnan” installed on 8/31/2017; detail of flowers blooming on 11/3/2017

Thank you for your friendship and support this year. May all of you have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2018!

Opening of my new studio in Santa Rosa, CA

On November 4 and 5 from 11AM to 5PM everyone is invited to come by to see my new studio in Santa Rosa, CA, at 3840 Finley Ave., Building 32, Studio 107. I will have some hand papermaking activities going on, and you can join in if you want or just see the new space and some of my work on display. This weekend is the annual Open Studios for the Studio Santa Rosa, and many other art studios in the building will be open to the public. Hope to see you!

Here are some photos of some of my handmade paper artworks on display inside my space (#107) and outside in the hallway.

“Sitka Site Map” created during my residency at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology hanging in my new studio space


hallway outside my studio showing my handmade paper and string wall installation titled “Northern California Rivers”

Another view of the hallway with my “rivers” installation.

installation in my studio space of “Shadow Self Portrait”

lobby of Building 32 with my “Taiwan Site Map” hanging in one corner

Living Quilt is Starting to Bloom!


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“Living Quilt” has a bud on October 16, 2017

Jane Ingram Allen’s “Living Quilt for Newnan” is starting to bloom. This photo was sent yesterday by Newnan Art Rez board member Bette Hickman showing a wildflower plant with a small bud. It is exciting to see the growth of the quilt, and hopefully some blooms will be happening soon. This installation was installed on August 31 in Newnan, Georgia, at a park near the intersection of College and Temple Avenues in downtown Newnan, next to the Children’s Museum that is at the site of the historic Male Academy in Newnan.

Jane created this art installation during her August 2017 residency at Newnan Art Rez ( The quilt is made with handmade paper dyed with non-toxic dye and has seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to grow and bloom in the same “house” pattern. The handmade paper dissolves as mulch, and over time the flowers will continue to grow and bloom as a living quilt for the flower bed. The headboard and footboard was created by the artist with local branches and vines. Here is a photo of the quilt on the day it was installed.

the Living Quilt for Newnan on August 31, 2017

Keep watching here for more photos as the quilt begins to bloom.

Living Quilt for Newnan featured in online publication this week


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My recent installation “Living Quilt for Newnan” created during my August 2017 artist in residency in Newnan, Georgia, is featured on the SUNDAY PAPER Blog of papermaking artist and author Helen Hiebert. Here is the link:

Keep checking my Blog to see photos of the changes in the Newnan installation. Newnan Art Rez board member and artist Bette Hickman continues to take photos and send them to me. The wildflowers are growing! Hope to see some blooms soon before frost. This installation was created during a residency at Newnan Art Rez
Photos on the Blog at are by my husband Timothy S. Allen  The photos below taken on Sept. 29 are by Bette Hickman.


Jane’s “Living Quilt” – the Saga Continues


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My “Living Quilt” installation in Newnan, Georgia, continues to change, and more plants are appearing. These photos taken by Newnan artist Bette Hickman show the latest transformation of the handmade paper quilt with wildflower seeds in the paper pulp. The work was installed on August 31 at the end of my artist-in-residency at Newnan Art Rez (
I will continue to post photos here sent in by local residents. Hopefully the wildflowers will bloom in a few months before frost. The “bed” with a headboard and footboard made with local branches and vines will last for many years.

Jane’s Work Exhibited in Brooklyn, NY at Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s Corridor Gallery

Jane Ingram Allen is one of 16 artists invited to exhibit in the exhibition “In Our Nature” curated by Meridith McNeal at the Corridor Gallery of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation located at 334 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  The exhibition opened on September 10, 2017, and continues through November 19, 2017.  The exhibition features art focused on nature and the state of our environment.  See the website at for more information about gallery hours and location.

In this show Jane is exhibiting two of her “Brooklyn Site Maps” created in 2003 during an artist-in-residency project at Kentler International Drawing Space, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY (  Below is a view of the current exhibition at Corridor Gallery with Jane’s “Red Hook Site Map” in the right foreground and a “Brooklyn Site Map” near the left end of the wall.  Jane created these map artworks using mixed media on handmade paper made in Brooklyn and collected debris from the streets of Red Hook to use in her interpretive maps of these areas of NYC.  Here is a link to more about the 2003 project Jane did at Kentler International Drawing Space:

Here is a link to a review of the “In Our Nature” exhibition:




Newnan, GA Living Quilt Installation Survives Hurricane Irma

My artist-in-residency project at Newnan Art Rez ( in Newnan, Georgia, “Living Quilt for Newnan”, was installed on August 31, 2017. Just a few days after the installation Hurricane Irma arrived.  The art installation survived this latest hurricane to strike Florida and the southeastern coast of the US. My “Living Quilt for Newnan” installation consists of a handmade paper quilt in a house pattern with seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to transform over time into a living blooming work of art. The quilt is installed on a “flower bed” of soil with a headboard and footboard I made with local branches and vines. The installation seems to have survived well the heavy rain and winds in the Newnan area.  There were some power outages in the area that lasted a few days.  We wish all the people in the areas hit by the two recent US hurricanes all the best.

Here are some photos of the art installation in Newnan taken a few days after the installation and before the hurricane showing the transformation beginning and plants starting to appear as the handmade paper dissolves.

The last group of photos are showing the installation after Hurricane Irma came through last week. You can see the plants are growing bigger, and there are lots of loose twigs and leaves on the ground from the storm. These two sets of photos are by artist and Newnan Art Rez board member, Bette Hickman. Thank you, Bette!

I will continue to post photos on this Blog when I receive them from the people in Newnan. Hope the “living quilt” will grow well and provide lots of flowers for people in Newnan to enjoy.

Newnan Living Quilt is Installed!

The Newnan Living Quilt is installed

Jane speaking at the opening ceremony

detail of the installed quilt

another view of the installed quilt

Jane and Bette Hancock getting ready for the installation

Many children helped install the quilt squares

Robert Hancock, Newnan Art Rez Board Member spoke at the installation ceremony

local children line up to install the quilt squares

Jane speaking at the opening ceremony

Just before the installation of the quilt squares – it was sunny!

putting in a stake

Bed just before the quilt is installed

all the children who helped install the handmade paper quilt squares

View of Newnan Living Quilt from the foot of the bed


the finished quilt installation

Watering the installed quilt to start the seed germination

Bette Hickman and others looking at the Newnan papermaking plants sample book

installing quilt squares

view of the installed “Newnan Living Quilt” and the Male Academy Museum building

close up of putting in a stake to hold the handmade paper quilt on the ground

putting in the stakes

Jane and the children getting ready to water the “quilt”

installing another quilt square

Carrying a quilt square to be installed

a side view of the installed quilt

Jane and Robert Hancock looking at the installation

putting in the borders

Offering a blessing at the end of the installation ceremony

the mayor speaks to the people gathered for the installation of the Newnan Living Quilt

children installing the squares

Participants looking at the installed quilt

Bette Hickman and Jane laying out the inner borders

the finished Living Quilt for Newnan


Mayor of Newnan and grand-daughters looking at the quilt squares

close up of the installed quilt

My “Living Quilt for Newnan – City of Homes” was installed at 6 PM on Thursday, August 31, 2017. The weather turned out perfect with even some sunshine after a morning and evening before of heavy rains. Many people came out to enjoy the installation and dedication ceremony including the mayor of Newnan and Art Rez Board Members and many local children who helped to install the handmade paper quilt squares. We staked down the quilt with bamboo skewers with a cork on top, all being biodegradable materials.

The quilt is made with hand papermaking using stencils and dyed pulp from purchased and local plant materials and has seeds in the paper pulp for Southeastern wildflowers in the same colors as the quilt pattern.  I used bark from cedar, crepe myrtle, magnolia, mulberry, paper bush and wisteria to make paper in Newnan and created a recipe and sample book for Newnan papermaking plants.   The Newnan Living Quilt has a house motif and features a 2-story antebellum home in red, yellow, blue and white colors. The homes are around a square in the middle of each 20-inch quilt square, and each home is composed of 8 layers of handmade paper with natural string in between layers helping to hold it all together.

At the August 31 ceremony, local children laid out the squares and put in the stakes, and then a local minister/poet offered a prayer/blessing for the quilt. I am very grateful to all the volunteers who helped make the handmade paper quilt and construct the “bed. The headboard and footboard are made with local branches collected along the streets of Newnan after people had done some tree trimming. The headboard and footboard also contain wisteria and other vines and lots of hydrangea blossoms that someone had recently clipped off and left to be picked up.

This project was lots of fun for me although lots of work in the 3 weeks of my residency. Thanks to my husband Timothy S. Allen who was with me during the residency in Newnan and helped with all aspects of this project as well as taking great photographs to document it. For more of Tim’s photos see his Blog at

I was an artist in residence at Newnan Art Rez from August 8 to Sept. 1, 2017. We leave Newnan today, and I hope the quilt will change over time with the seeds sprouting and blooming as a living quilt for Newnan. Check back here to see photos of the quilt as it changes over time. I am hoping that local volunteers will continue to send me photos. Thank you, Newnan, for a wonderful residency experience!

For more information about the artist-in-residency program in Newnan, visit the website at