Artists Selected for 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

I was the curator again this year for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project that I started in 2010 in the small village of Cheng Long in southwestern Taiwan. For this the 8th year of the project that focuses on environmental issues and the local community we had 180 proposals from artists in 55 different countries around the world. Here is the list of the selected artists:

Annechien Meier and Gert-Jan Gerlach – Netherlands

Inga Shalvashvili – Georgia

Piotr Wesolowski – Poland 

Rob Mulholland – UK (Scotland)

Hui-yi Tsai – Taiwan

 Jane Liou – Taiwan

 Cheng Long Villagers Team

Thank you again to all the artists who applied this year. I enjoyed reviewing all the proposals, and it was a very difficult job to select only 7 from so many good proposals. I hope many of you will try again next year.

Please look at the Blog at to see the artworks created this year in Cheng Long Wetlands for the theme of “Take Action – Live with Change”.  Sketches of the selected artworks will be posted there soon.  This year the selected artists will be in Cheng Long from April 13 to May 8. We are hoping for a great year with many interesting artworks and lots of enthusiasm from the community and the elementary school children in Cheng Long.

This art project is open to international artists with an Open Call each year, and selected artists receive a 25-day residency in Taiwan with a stipend of $2000, air ticket, food, accommodations and volunteer help as well as access to free natural and recycled materials.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Every Drop Counts installation by Jane Ingram Allen collaborating with Art Matters Class at Laney College, Oakland, CA

“Every Drop Counts” installation by Jane Ingram Allen collaborating with Eco-Art Matters Class at Laney College, Oakland, CA, exhibited in October 2016 at Bioneers Conference, Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA

Wishing a New Year of happiness, health and success to everyone!  This year more than ever we need to pay attention to our environment and preserve, protect and sustain our earth.  Water is the source of all life and needs our global attention.


Deadline is January 20 for 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project and Residency in Taiwan

Just a reminder that the deadline for sending application materials for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is January 20, 2017. This will be the 7th year of the annual outdoor sculpture project that I curate in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan. This year the invited artists will come to stay and create their site specific works from April 13 – May 8. Selected artists receive a US$2000 stipend, airfare, accommodations, food and volunteer help. The theme this year is “Take Action – Live with Change” and artists will work with local school children and volunteers to create large scale outdoor sculptures with natural and recycled materials that are eco-friendly and encourage sustainability and taking action to live with climate change. I will be reviewing emailed entries and selecting the 2017 artists by Feb. 20. For more information about what to submit see the Blog at http://artproject4wetland.wordpress or email me at
Hope to see your entry soon!

"Water Core" by Roger Rigorth at the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

“Water Core” by Roger Rigorth at the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

Photos from the Dec. 3-4 Papermaking Workshop at Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation


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These are photos of the Papermaking with Plants of the Laguna Workshop I taught this past weekend at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Heron Hall in Santa Rosa, CA. The participants enjoyed two fantastic December days of sunshine and papermaking using local plants.

 everyone-gathered-for-show-and-tell-img_8133 gatheirng-willow-img_7799 gathering-carex-close-up-img_7771 gathering-carex-img_7767 gathering-dogbane-close-up-img_7761 gathering-dogbane-img_7747 group-looking-at-plants-palm-trees-img_7786 hand-beating-of-cooked-and-washed-pulp-from-eucalyptus-img_7826 hand-beating-the-pulp-with-wooden-hammers-img_7975 handmade-paper-drying-on-line-inside-heron-hall-img_8115 handmade-paper-on-sunflower-cake-pan-mould-img_8180 handmade-paper-with-embossed-string-lines-img_7977 heron-hall-as-papermaking-studio-img_8090 jane-demonstrates-dispersing-the-pulp-by-rocking-in-asian-way-img_7893 jane-demos-sheet-forming-with-sample-mould-img_7898 jane-putting-formation-aid-in-vat-img_7879 looking-at-handmade-paper-drying-on-line-img_8085 looking-at-handmade-paper-drying-outside-img_7921 looking-at-handmade-paper-with-light-coming-through-img_8124 looking-at-paper-with-palm-bark-in-it-img_8144 looking-at-textured-piece-of-wood-to-use-for-drying-paper-for-embossment-img_7972 looking-at-the-drying-sheet-of-handmade-paper-img_8030 making-paper-samples-with-elderberry-and-willow-in-cooking-pots-img_8108 papermakers-working-at-vat-img_7922 papermakers-worksing-img_7917 peeling-willow-bark-close-up-img_7813 phyllis-makes-a-sheet-of-paper-img_8056 showing-paper-with-photo-and-thread-in-it-img_8141 showing-some-handmade-paper-with-leaves-in-it-img_8159 taking-handmade-paper-off-kitchenware-mould-img_8095 taking-off-dogbane-bark-img_7819 tanya-making-paper-sample-sheet-img_7907 tanyas-paper-with-cheesecloth-img_8174 view-of-2-paper-makers-img_8004 view-of-paper-vats-and-making-paper-img_8050 view-of-room-with-many-sheets-of-paper-drying-on-lines-img_8016

These photos were taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen ( and show some of the activities during the two days. We gathered plants, cooked them, beat them to a pulp and then formed many sheets of handmade paper to discover what great paper we could make from the different plants of the Laguna de Santa Rosa area around Heron Hall.  It was a great workshop, and thanks to the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation and all the very creative participants!

Papermaking with Local Plants Workshop in Santa Rosa, California


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I will be teaching a special 2-day papermaking art workshop in Santa Rosa, California, on Dec. 3 & 4 at Laguna de Santa Rosa.   Here’s the information about the workshop and really looking forward to using some northern California native plant waste materials to make Asian-style handmade paper.


Papermaking with Plants of the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Two-day workshop with Jane Ingram Allen

Saturday and Sunday, December 3 and 4, 9:30am-4:00pm each day

Location: Heron Hall, Laguna Environmental Center, 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

$150. Pre-registration required  – Click here to register:


Suitable for adults and teens 15 years old and up.  This workshop is suitable for all experience levels, from novice to experienced papermakers.

Description:  Participants will learn to make handmade paper from Laguna de Santa Rosa plants and create unique handmade paper artworks using all natural materials from the Laguna. During a walk around the native plant garden, we will identify plants suitable for papermaking and gather dried leaves and bark from trimmed branches or fallen twigs and also invasive plants that can be used for papermaking. The process will include preparing plants, cooking, beating and sheet forming with Asian and Western papermaking techniques. The emphasis will be on creative problem solving and use of waste materials to make handmade paper with sustainable methods that do not harm the environment. The handmade papers can be used for drawing, painting, printmaking and collage as well as for creating greeting cards — just in time for the holidays! Each participant will also make a sample book with papermaking recipes for the plants used in the workshop. The instructor will introduce unique hand papermaking techniques that she has developed from her experiences as an artist in residence in Japan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Indonesia, Nepal, Brazil, Thailand, China, England and the Philippines, as well as at art centers and nature parks in the United States.

Jane Ingram Allen is originally from Alabama and lived in Taiwan from 2004-2012, and in Santa Rosa since August 2012. She is an environmental artist who creates sculpture installations and community public art projects using handmade paper made from local plants and other natural materials. She is also an independent curator and arts writer and has taught art courses at colleges and universities as well as papermaking classes all over the world. Jane has received awards to do artist in residency projects in the USA, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Nepal, Brazil, China, Bali, Indonesia, and Turkey, and she exhibits her art around the world and teaches workshops and creates site-specific public art installations. For more information, visit Jane’s website at and her blog at


“Every Drop Counts” at 2016 Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, CA


My interactive wall installation titled “Every Drop Counts” is now up at the 2016 Bioneers Conference, Marin Center Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California. This installation is part of the WEAD Women Eco Artist Dialog ( exhibition at the Bioneers annual conference about environmental issues. See the website about the conference at

My installation at the 2016 Bioneers conference will be on view to the public Oct. 20-23, 2016,  at the Marin Center, San Rafael, CA.


The hundreds of handmade paper water drops for the installation were created in a papermaking workshop I offered at Laney College on Oct. 11 with students in the Eco Art Matters class of Andree Thompson and Sharon Siskin. The blue water drops are made from recycled blue jean pulp, and there are seeds for blue wildflowers in the pulp.  Visitors are invited to make a pledge to save water and then take a “drop” from the installation home with them to plant, water and watch it grow over time.

This installation differs each time it is installed according to the site and the public participation and interaction. It was first created in 2008 during my residency at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, Taiwan, and also shown also at Tenri Gallery, NYC, in 2010, and in Geneva, Switzerland at the 2015 International Paper/Fiber Biennial.

“Every Drop Counts’ will also be in an exhibition at Laney College, Oakland, CA, later, and I will post information about that exhibition on this Blog.  The installation in San Rafael, CA at the 2016 Bioneers Conference is up through Oct. 23. These photos are by my husband Timothy S. Allen (

Laney College Art Class Helps Make Paper for my installation at Bioneers Conference


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It was great to have the help of students at Laney College, Oakland, CA, to make paper for my eco art installation at the 2016 Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA, at the Marin Center Oct. 20-23. My art installation is part of the WEAD exhibition ( at this environmental art conference.


On Tuesday Oct. 11, the students in the Laney College Eco-Art Matters class made many sheets of blue handmade paper using pulp from old blue jeans. The blue pulp also has seeds for blue wildflowers in it, and the students will shape the blue seeded paper into hundreds of water drops to install on a wall at the Bioneers environmental conference. Thanks to the class instructors Andree Thompson and Sharon Siskin and to all the students who helped with this installation.

My installation is called “Every Drop Counts” and aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving water.  Visitors at the conference will be invited to take a drop from the installation and make a pledge to conserve water.
Here are some photos taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen at Laney College on Tuesday October 11 during the papermaking activity.

img_052643 img_052342 img_027441 img_025640 img_025239 img_024938 img_024537 img_022235 img_024236  img_019933 img_019131 img_019832 img_017329  img_017027 img_017228img_016626 img_016224 img_015923 img_015221 img_015822 img_014920 img_014219 img_012117 img_012818 img_011215  img_008713 img_009714 img_008011 img_008312 img_007610    img_00556 img_00455 img_00343 img_00374 img_99731 img_99912

You can see more photos of the papermaking activity at Laney College on the Facebook page for the Eco Art Matters class:
Check back here later for photos of my “Every Drop Counts” installation at the Marin Center, San Rafael, CA, during the 2016 Bioneers conference Oct. 20-23, 2016.

Eco-Art Project in San Francisco at 2016 Bioneers Conference


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I am doing an environmental art installation here in the SF area as an exhibiting artist for the 2016 Bioneers Conference (
to be held Oct. 21-23 at the Marin Center, San Rafael, California. I will present an interactive installation called “Every Drop Counts”. For the 2016 Bioneers conference, the WEAD (Women Eco Artists Dialog) organization ( is organizing an art exhibition about “Reciprocity” with an environmental theme showing how art can contribute to more public awareness of environmental issues such as water conservation.


I will go to Laney College, Oakland, on Tuesday, October 11 to work with the art class “Eco Art Matters” to create hundred of handmade paper “drops” using blue paper pulp made from old blue jeans and other recycled paper with seeds for blue wildflowers in the pulp. At the 4 days of the Bioneers Conference Oct. 21-23 at the Marin Center, San Rafael, the installation will be displayed and visitors invited to make a pledge to conserve water and take a “drop” from the installation home with them to plant and water until it transforms into blue wildflowers….or save the “drop” on the refrigerator to remind them to conserve water. Lack of water is one of the most pressing problems in northern California in the last few years because of prolonged drought and global warming effects.
Water is a concern all over the world, and this installation has been shown in several other venues…it has been in a NYC gallery, in a gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as at a university gallery in Taiwan. This will be its debut in California with new drops being made at the Laney College class and maintained during the conference by Laney College students and the two art professors (Andree Thompson and Sharon Siskin).

Here are some photos of the installation in New York City at Tenri Gallery in 2009 and in Geneva, Switzerland at the Villa Dutoit, for the Paper/Fiber Art Biennial in 2016.

every-drop-counts-2008 every-drop-counts-in-switzerland-biennial

Check back here to see more photos of the papermaking workshop at Laney College on Oct. 11 and also to see the installation of “Every Drop Counts” at the 2016 Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, Oct. 21-23, 2016.

Revisiting my Artwork “Falling Water” installed at Gaslight Brasserie, Boston, MA


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During my visit to Boston this year for my residency at Boston Harbor Islands National Park, I had a chance to go by and see my artwork “Falling Water” installed at Gaslight Brasserie, 560 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA ( This restaurant is open for dinner 5-11PM every day and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays 11AM – 3 PM. Café Green Light, also in the same building is open for lunch only . My artwork is installed on one of the really tall walls inside where the Café’ Green Light is located, but you can also be see my artwork from the dinner dining area of the Gaslight restaurant.

“Falling Water” was created in 2007-08 during my artist in residency at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, and exhibited in my solo exhibition “Water Works” at Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Avenue, Boston, in July 2009. The artwork was purchased by the restaurant and building owners from that show for installation at the Gaslight restaurant space. It was wonderful to see what a great job they did moving the artwork from the Boston Sculptors Gallery where it was suspended from the ceiling to create this great wall installation at Gaslight. We also had a chance to take a photo of the installation, posted here. Thanks to my husband Timothy S. Allen for taking the photo(

“Falling Water” was also exhibited in New York City at Tenri Gallery and at Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center, Canton, MA.

falling-water-2008-side-view  falling-water-at-mass-audubon-2008