Public Art Project “Guns into Flowers” in Sacramento, CA during February 2019

During February 2018 Jane Ingram Allen will work in Sacramento, California, as an artist-in-residence at Natomas Charter School, Performing and Fine Arts Academy, to create an outdoor public art installation “Guns into Flowers” that will raise awareness about gun violence and possibilities for change. The “Guns into Flowers” project will be installed in a park or other sunny outdoor spot and consist of a handmade paper quilt with seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to transform over time into living blooming wildflowers. The handmade paper quilt will have multiple quilt blocks featuring guns in various shapes and colors. The quilt blocks will be made with stencils in the handmade paper sheet-forming process and individualized by each participant. The “Guns into Flowers” handmade paper quilt will be installed on a raised “flower bed” about 8 feet x 10 feet x 8 inches high with a headboard and footboard woven of local branches. The handmade paper quilt will gradually dissolve into mulch over several months as the wildflower seeds begin to sprout and grow. The installation “Guns into Flowers” will transform over time to emphasize the natural cycle of life and working together to change our society and environment for the future.

Jane did a similar public art project “Living Quilt for Newnan” in August 2017, in
Newnan, Georgia, during a 3-week artist-in-residency at Newnan Art Rez
( working with community participants and the City of Newnan. For more information about the “Living Quilt for Newnan” project see the artist’s Blog posts at and

This is a view of the “Living Quilt for Newnan” installed on a raised “flower bed” with a
headboard and footboard woven of local branches.

Living Quilt for Newnan, installed on 8/29/2017

The handmade paper quilt is dissolving and the wildflowers growing on Sept.29, 2017.

The first blooms occurred in early November 2017.

This photo shows the “Living Quilt for Newnan” in May 2018 blooming again after the winter.

Jane has received a grant to support the “Guns into Flowers” art project
from the Arts Engagement Foundation of Kansas City, and Natomas Charter School will be matching the grant and hosting the project in Sacramento. Keep watching this Blog for more posts about the “Guns into Flowers” project in Sacramento.


Fall 2018 Papermaking Classes in Santa Rosa

Here is the announcement about classes in hand papermaking that I am offering this Fall in my Santa Rosa studio.

Fall 2018 Papermaking Art Workshops  with Jane Ingram Allen 

at The Studio Santa Rosa, 3840 Finley Ave., Santa Rosa, CA, Building 32, Studio 107

Why take a Papermaking Workshop?

  • Create your own unique handmade paper art and explore the possibilities of a new media.
  • Experience the zenof hand papermaking.
  • Learn about the unique qualities of different plant fibers useful for papermaking.
  • Make the handmade paper itself the finished work, or combine it with printmaking, painting, drawing, bookmaking, collage, sculpture, basketry, weaving, etc.

About the Workshops:

  • intimate setting; class size limited to 4 people.
  • Beginners and experienced papermakers welcome.
  • Equipment and materials provided.
  • Discounts Available: $10 off for taking a 2ndworkshop; $10 off for recommending a friend who signs up for a workshop.
  • Coffee and tea provided. Bring your own lunch.
  • Questions: 857-234-2432 or contact by email at

About the Instructor: 

  • Award winning international artist and hand papermaking expert with 40 years of experience.
  • Papermaking teacher and resident artist in Japan, Taiwan, China, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Tanzania, France, England, Brazil, and the US. Fulbright Scholar Award artist in Taiwan and Fulbright Specialist artist in Turkey.
  • Trained in traditional Japanese papermaking in Japan, and taught papermaking while living in Taiwan for 8 plus years.
  • Former Art professor at SUNY, Morrisville, NY, and College of St. Rose, Albany, NY. Former textile Arts instructor at Foothill College and Canada College.
  • Taught papermaking workshops in US at Women’s Studio Workshop, Peter’s Valley School of Crafts, Morgan Conservancy, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Queens Botanical Garden, Brookfield Craft Center, Mass Audubon and others.
  • For more information visit Jane’s Blog at https://janeingramallen.wordpress.comand her website at

Description of Fall 2018 Workshops at Jane Ingram Allen’s Santa Rosa, CA, studio 

Introduction to Hand Papermaking:  Explore techniques of hand papermaking including sheet forming, pressing and drying as well as techniques of laminating, embedding and watermarking.  Learn how papermaking can be used for a variety of art creations and make an array of handmade papers using cotton, abaca and local plant fibers.

  • Saturday, Sept. 29, 10AM to 4PM. Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432.  Register by sending a deposit of $50 by Sept. 26.
  • Fee: $125 – Materials and equipment provided *

Papermaking for Printmakers:  Learn to make handmade with Western and Japanese techniques that can be used for letterpress printing and other printmaking to give unique qualities and special effects.  We will create paper sheets up to 11” x 17” using a variety of fibers that have unique textures and various natural colors.  Methods of beating, pressing, joining, drying and sizing the handmade paper sheets will also be covered. 

  • Saturday, Oct. 6, 10AM to 4PM. Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432. Register by sending a deposit of $50 by Oct. 3.
  • Fee: $125 – Materials and equipment provided.*

Papermaking for Fiber Artists:   Papermaking is just another way of using fibers!  Learn to make handmade paper from a variety of plant fibers and combine hand papermaking with various fiber art techniques, such as weaving, basketry, stitchery, quilting, crochet, spinning, etc.  We will create handmade paper and fiber art mixed media works using pulps made from abaca, mulberry, cotton, and other locally collected fiber plants.  Using two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques and natural colors and textures from the various plant fibers, expand your horizons and discover new possibilities in fiber art.

  • Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11, 10AM to 4PM.  Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432. Register by sending $100 deposit by Oct. 17.
  • Fee $200 – Materials and equipment provided.*

Japanese and Asian Papermaking:   Focus on Asian techniques and fibers.  Learn Japanese papermaking and other unique Asian techniques to create handmade papers from exotic plant fibers such as abaca (banana species), kozo (paper mulberry bark), lotka (Daphne bark) and local fibers that are Asian in origin.  Learn to use Jane’s sugeta (Japanese mold and deckle) as well as Western style molds to create Asian and Japanese papers that can be thin, almost transparent but very strong.  Watermarking, inclusions and other Asian-inspired techniques will be covered.

  • Saturday, Nov. 1710AM to 4PM. Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432. Register by sending $50 deposit by Nov.14.
  • Fee: $125 – Materials and equipment provided *

Papermaking Studio Rental:  Jane’s Papermaking Studio is available for your personal rental (weekdays or weekends) at a fee of $15/hour (minimum of 4 hours).  To rent the studio you are required to take at least one workshop with Jane and attend a special session with Jane about using the studio.  Jane will prepare materials and be there for consulting. You will have use of the studio space and Jane’s equipment.  Materials cost will depend on what pulp and other materials from Jane are used and will be discussed at the studio session.  Call Jane at 857-234-2432 for more information or email to

Photos from the Papermaking with Collage and Mixed Media Class

On Saturday and Sunday, July 28 & 29, students in my Papermaking with Collage and Mixed Media class created some great experimental artworks with dyed and natural colored pulps at my Santa Rosa studio. We used pulps made from abaca, old blue jeans, Sitka Sprue bark and mulberry bark (kozo). We had two days for this class, and the first day was mainly working with wet pulp, and the second with dried paper to create collage and mixed media constructions.
Here are photos of some of  the works made by the workshop participants, still in progress on the second day. The photos are taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen (

I will be offering more classes in papermaking and mixed media art at my Santa Rosa studio in Sept. – November. Check back here in a few days for the complete schedule of Fall 2018 classes. My studio is at Studio Santa Rosa, Bldg. 32, 3840 Wright Ave., Studio 107. Please email for more information:

Upcoming Workshop in Collage and Mixed Media with Handmade Paper

I will be teaching a workshop July 28 and 29 in my Santa Rosa studio about using handmade paper to create collage and mixed media artworks. The class is from 10 AM to 4 PM each day, Saturday and Sunday. The cost of the class is $200 and all materials and equipment are provided. My studio in Santa Rosa is at 3840 Finley Ave., Building 32, Studio 107 in Santa Rosa. On Saturday during the workshop we will work with a variety of wet pulps to create the handmade paper.  On Sunday we will be creating mixed media and collage works using the handmade paper.  There is still room available in this workshop which is limited to five people.   To register please email me at

If this date does not work for you, I will be teaching more workshops in the Fall, and the schedule will be posted here on my Blog soon.
Hope to see you soon in a papermaking workshop.

These photos show me working on a handmade paper mixed media work in 2016 as an artist in residence at the Boston Harbor Islands National Park.  For this work about endangered water birds on the islands I am using handmade paper made from invasive plants on Peddock’s Island to create a large suspended installation that is now hanging in the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center at Long Wharf in Boston, MA.

In the first photo, I am helping a park visitor form one of the handmade paper birds.  The next photo shows me putting together all of the birds to create the finished hanging installation using acrylic gel and natural thread and other materials collected on the island such as feathers, grasses and seeds.  The last photo shows the finished installation hanging at the Welcome Center where visitors take the ferry to Boston Harbor Islands State Park.

Photos from Introduction to Hand Papermaking Workshop, June 22, at my Santa Rosa Studio

Students in my Introduction to Hand Papermaking Workshop on June 22, learned how to make paper with Western and Japanese techniques and materials.  They explored a variety of techniques for creating handmade paper artworks using a variety of plant fiber pulps such as Kozo (Paper Mulberry bark), Eucalypus bark, recycled blue jeans, and abaca (a type of banana leaf).  Here are some photos of the workshop taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen (

I will be teaching another papermaking workshop on July 28 and 29, and there is still time to register.  This 2-day workshop will cover how to create mixed media artworks using handmade paper and include working with wet pulp and dried handmade papers.  For more information see the previous posting on Summer Workshops on my blog or email Jane at

Collage and Mixed Media with Handmade Paper –  2 days, Saturday and Sunday, July 28 and 29, 10AM-4PM – $200 includes materials

Learn to use wet pulp and dried handmade paper to create innovative collage and mixed media handmade paper artworks.  Jane will also show her unique method for joining handmade paper with string and thread to create large pieces that fold for easy storage and shipping.  We will use colored pulps, ink, acrylic paint and gel and various fiber pulps to create collage and mixed media artworks with an organic natural feel. Bring along your collection of handmade paper scraps and string and other natural objects to incorporate in your collage/mixed media constructions.

This photo shows Jane working on her Izmir Site Map in Izmir Turkey at Ege University during he 2015 Fulbright Specialist artist in residency project in Turkey.  She made the paper from plants of Izmir and created a “site map” using all materials from the place.


Photos from the Sculptural Papermaking Workshop on June 9

Here are a few photos from the Sculptural Papermaking Workshop I taught on Saturday, June 9, at my Santa Rosa, CA, studio. The participants learned how to make handmade paper and use it to create sculptural works in the class using molds, armatures and other construction techniques. Most work was still wet when the workshop ended, so I hope to get photos from the participants to post later that show the finished pieces. It was great to see all the experiments and creative ideas that the participants tried in the class. These photos are by my husband Timothy S. Allen, and you can see more of his photos on his Blog at

I will be teaching a workshop on Saturday, June 16, 2-4 PM, on how to get grants, residencies and other opportunities. Look at my Blog posting for May 26 for the complete schedule of workshops I am offering at my Santa Rosa studio in June and July 2018. Email me at for more information about papermaking workshops or art workshops in grant writing, marketing for artists, mixed media and fiber arts.

“Living Quilt for Newnan” Blooms again in May 2018

“Living Quilt for Newnan” blooming again in May 2018

Last August during an artist in residency at Newnan Art Rez in Newnan, GA, Jane Ingram Allen created a public art installation titled “Living Quilt for Newnan”.  The handmade paper quilt, made with participation by local residents, has seeds for wildflowers in the pulp, and it was installed in a public ceremony on August 30, 2017. The quilt was placed on a prepared raised “bed” with a headboard and footboard the artist made from local branches. The handmade paper quilt dissolved over time into mulch and the seeds in the paper sprouted and grew, blooming during November of 2017. After the winter, the wildflower plants began growing again, and it is blooming like crazy now in Newnan. This photo was taken by Newnan volunteer Bette Hickman on May 15, 2018. “Living Quilt for Newnan” hopefully will continue blooming all summer and for many years.

the finished Living Quilt for Newnan at installation on August 30, 2017

For more information about the creation and installation of this art project, see the posts on this Blog for August and September 2017.

Workshops in my Santa Rosa Studio for June and July

Papermaking workshop in Feb. 2018

There are still places available in the Hand Papermaking and Art Workshops at my Santa Rosa Studio for June and July 2018.   My studio is in the Studio Santa Rosa, 3840 Finley Ave., Building 32, Studio 107.  Here is the schedule for classes in June and July 2018:

Saturday, June 9: Sculptural Papermaking – Cost $100
Saturday, June 16: Art Opportunities – Getting that Grant, Residency or Exhibition – Cost $50
Saturday, June 23: Introduction to Hand Papermaking – Asian and Western Techniques – Cost $100
Saturday and Sunday July 28 and 29: Mixed Media with Handmade Paper and Collage– Cost $200

For more information and to register, email Jane at or phone 857-234-2432.
Hope to see you at one of these workshops!

Jane Ingram Allen’s Induction into Taiwan Fulbright Hall of Fame

I have just learned that I will be inducted into the Taiwan Fulbright Hall of Fame on May 18, 2018! This is a great honor, and I am sorry that I will not be in Taiwan to attend the dinner and official induction ceremony in Taipei. Below is an excerpt from the letter of Fulbright Taiwan Executive Director, William Vocke, informing me of this honor:

Dear Rebecca Jane Ingram Allen,

With great pleasure, I am happy to inform you of your nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame for the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange.

This new initiative follows on our successful celebration last year of “60 years of Educational Exchange in Taiwan.” As you know, the Foundation is the successor non-profit for the United States Educational Foundation in the Republic of China and took over all the responsibilities and obligations of the former in 1979.

At our Spring Recognition Banquet on May 18th, 2018 we plan to announce the formation of the Hall of Fame and the initial inductees. You are cordially invited to join us for the announcement. We understand that with short notice you are unlikely to attend, but we hope that you will consider joining us or sending a brief email.

A plaque with your picture and short biography from published sources will be featured in the Foundation offices. The commemoration reads:

Fulbright Taiwan/Foundation for Scholarly Exchange

Hall of Fame

“A world with a little more knowledge and a little less conflict.”

Rebecca Jane Ingram Allen
Inducted for
support of enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Taiwan,
significant public and private contributions to international educational exchange, and commitment to the Fulbright vision of a better world.

I was a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan in 2003-04 and 2004-05, and completed an 18-month research project I called “Made in Taiwan” to make my art with handmade paper from plants of Taiwan. As a Fulbright grantee I spent the first 6 months based in Taipei as an artist in residence at the Suho Memorial Paper Museum and the next 12 months traveling to 13 different parts of Taiwan hosted by various organizations and making handmade paper for my artworks from bark and leaves of 135 local plants. During the residencies in each community I cooperated with local plant experts and also exhibited my artwork and taught workshops for the community about hand papermaking using local plants. The artworks I made for this project were what I call “site maps” that depicted the geography of the place and were made entirely with materials collected in that place. The two-sided mixed media “site maps” were displayed in each place, and the collection grew to include approximately 53 artworks “made in Taiwan”.

Taiwan Site Maps installed at Suho Museum, Taipei, 2004

Cooking some plants for papermaking in Tainan, Taiwan, in 2005

Participants in Yilan handmade paper workshop in 2005

Putting my handmade paper to dry on a Taipei manhole cover in 2004 to create a Taipei Site Map.

Hanging my “Made in Taiwan” site maps in Hualien, Taiwan, in 2004

Teaching a handmade paper art workshop in 2004 in Yilan County, Taiwan, at a local elementary school.

 At the end of my grants my husband Tim and I decided to stay in Taiwan, and we lived there full time until August 2012. I have continued to do art projects in Taiwan involving community people, schools and universities as well as NGOs and other institutions in Taiwan.  I also started environmental art projects to bring other international artists to Taiwan who join with Taiwanese artists using natural materials and working with issues concerning the environment. I started the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival at Guandu Nature Park in Taipei in 2006 and the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County in 2010 and the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology International Marine Environmental Art Project in 2015.

Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, installations done in 2015 by Marisa Merlin and Roger Rigorth.

All of these projects are continuing in Taiwan, and Taiwan is now a leader in Asia for environmental art with more artists and more communities starting to have an environmental focus and a concern for environmental conditions. I usually go back to Taiwan each year for a few months to do environmental art projects and my own artwork cooperating with various organizations around Taiwan.  I just returned from the 9th anniversary celebration of the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan.  You can see more about this project on the Blog at

I am very happy to be awarded the honor of being in the Taiwan Fulbright Hall of Fame.  I feel like Taiwan is my second home and it is a beautiful place with wonderful people who recognize the value of art and its role in preserving our environment and helping to make a better world.  Thank you to the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange for this honor, and I plan to continue my work in Taiwan.

Jane Ingram Allen’s handmade paper mixed-media works on exhibit in Sebastopol, CA, at The Passdoor


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I am happy to announce that my handmade paper artworks are now being exhibited at The Passdoor, in Sebastopol, California. Sebastopol is just west of Santa Rosa, CA, and the gallery is in The Barlow, a center of shops, wineries and restaurants.
During the summer months, the gallery is featuring artworks related to nature, and I have 3 of my works from the “Site Botanicals” series on display along with 2 works featuring bird imagery with handmade paper. The “Site Botanicals” are mixed media on handmade paper created from the plant depicted on the scroll-like 2-sided suspended artworks. The “bird” pieces are suspended handmade paper and collected natural materials that depict birds (cormorants) seen at Sonoma coast beaches.  Here are some photos of the works on display at The Passdoor.

Hope you get a chance to go by and see my handmade paper artworks this summer. at The Passdoor in Sebastopol.  I will be back in Santa Rosa on May 15 after one month in Taiwan for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project. I will also be teaching some more hand papermaking and art workshops in my Santa Rosa studio during June and July. For more information email me at