It was a great group last Saturday for the Introduction to Hand Papermaking Workshop held in my studio in Santa Rosa, California. The participants in the workshop learned how to make paper using a variety of pulps and Western and Asian techniques for hand papermaking. We used abaca pulp (a banana relative), blue jean pulp (from recycled cotton blue jeans), Eucalyptus bark (prepared from local roadside Eucalyptus trees) and Sitka Spruce bark (gathered on the Oregon coast where Sitka Spruce trees are growing). Below you can see some photos of the workshop, taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen (

Take a look at my Post on August 7, 2018 for a full list of the other Fall 2018 Papermaking Workshops. I will also teach a special class on the weekend of Oct. 20-21 at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, “Plants to Paper”. This workshop will be a chance to learn how to make unique handmade paper from plants found in the Laguna de Santa Rosa area and create a variety of papers during the two-day hands-on workshop. We will gather plant materials, cook, beat and make paper from several local plants. To register for the Plants to Paper Workshop go to the website for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation: Scroll down to see the workshop on Oct. 20-21 and click the link to register. Or, email me at for more information about upcoming papermaking art workshops.