During February 2018 Jane Ingram Allen will work in Sacramento, California, as an artist-in-residence at Natomas Charter School, Performing and Fine Arts Academy, to create an outdoor public art installation “Guns into Flowers” that will raise awareness about gun violence and possibilities for change. The “Guns into Flowers” project will be installed in a park or other sunny outdoor spot and consist of a handmade paper quilt with seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to transform over time into living blooming wildflowers. The handmade paper quilt will have multiple quilt blocks featuring guns in various shapes and colors. The quilt blocks will be made with stencils in the handmade paper sheet-forming process and individualized by each participant. The “Guns into Flowers” handmade paper quilt will be installed on a raised “flower bed” about 8 feet x 10 feet x 8 inches high with a headboard and footboard woven of local branches. The handmade paper quilt will gradually dissolve into mulch over several months as the wildflower seeds begin to sprout and grow. The installation “Guns into Flowers” will transform over time to emphasize the natural cycle of life and working together to change our society and environment for the future.

Jane did a similar public art project “Living Quilt for Newnan” in August 2017, in
Newnan, Georgia, during a 3-week artist-in-residency at Newnan Art Rez
(www.newnanartists.org) working with community participants and the City of Newnan. For more information about the “Living Quilt for Newnan” project see the artist’s Blog posts at https://janeingramallen.wordpress.com/2017/08/ and

This is a view of the “Living Quilt for Newnan” installed on a raised “flower bed” with a
headboard and footboard woven of local branches.

Living Quilt for Newnan, installed on 8/29/2017

The handmade paper quilt is dissolving and the wildflowers growing on Sept.29, 2017.

The first blooms occurred in early November 2017.

This photo shows the “Living Quilt for Newnan” in May 2018 blooming again after the winter.

Jane has received a grant to support the “Guns into Flowers” art project
from the Arts Engagement Foundation of Kansas City, and Natomas Charter School will be matching the grant and hosting the project in Sacramento. Keep watching this Blog for more posts about the “Guns into Flowers” project in Sacramento.