Here is the announcement about classes in hand papermaking that I am offering this Fall in my Santa Rosa studio.

Fall 2018 Papermaking Art Workshops  with Jane Ingram Allen 

at The Studio Santa Rosa, 3840 Finley Ave., Santa Rosa, CA, Building 32, Studio 107

Why take a Papermaking Workshop?

  • Create your own unique handmade paper art and explore the possibilities of a new media.
  • Experience the zenof hand papermaking.
  • Learn about the unique qualities of different plant fibers useful for papermaking.
  • Make the handmade paper itself the finished work, or combine it with printmaking, painting, drawing, bookmaking, collage, sculpture, basketry, weaving, etc.

About the Workshops:

  • intimate setting; class size limited to 4 people.
  • Beginners and experienced papermakers welcome.
  • Equipment and materials provided.
  • Discounts Available: $10 off for taking a 2ndworkshop; $10 off for recommending a friend who signs up for a workshop.
  • Coffee and tea provided. Bring your own lunch.
  • Questions: 857-234-2432 or contact by email at

About the Instructor: 

  • Award winning international artist and hand papermaking expert with 40 years of experience.
  • Papermaking teacher and resident artist in Japan, Taiwan, China, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Tanzania, France, England, Brazil, and the US. Fulbright Scholar Award artist in Taiwan and Fulbright Specialist artist in Turkey.
  • Trained in traditional Japanese papermaking in Japan, and taught papermaking while living in Taiwan for 8 plus years.
  • Former Art professor at SUNY, Morrisville, NY, and College of St. Rose, Albany, NY. Former textile Arts instructor at Foothill College and Canada College.
  • Taught papermaking workshops in US at Women’s Studio Workshop, Peter’s Valley School of Crafts, Morgan Conservancy, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Queens Botanical Garden, Brookfield Craft Center, Mass Audubon and others.
  • For more information visit Jane’s Blog at https://janeingramallen.wordpress.comand her website at

Description of Fall 2018 Workshops at Jane Ingram Allen’s Santa Rosa, CA, studio 

Introduction to Hand Papermaking:  Explore techniques of hand papermaking including sheet forming, pressing and drying as well as techniques of laminating, embedding and watermarking.  Learn how papermaking can be used for a variety of art creations and make an array of handmade papers using cotton, abaca and local plant fibers.

  • Saturday, Sept. 29, 10AM to 4PM. Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432.  Register by sending a deposit of $50 by Sept. 26.
  • Fee: $125 – Materials and equipment provided *

Papermaking for Printmakers:  Learn to make handmade with Western and Japanese techniques that can be used for letterpress printing and other printmaking to give unique qualities and special effects.  We will create paper sheets up to 11” x 17” using a variety of fibers that have unique textures and various natural colors.  Methods of beating, pressing, joining, drying and sizing the handmade paper sheets will also be covered. 

  • Saturday, Oct. 6, 10AM to 4PM. Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432. Register by sending a deposit of $50 by Oct. 3.
  • Fee: $125 – Materials and equipment provided.*

Papermaking for Fiber Artists:   Papermaking is just another way of using fibers!  Learn to make handmade paper from a variety of plant fibers and combine hand papermaking with various fiber art techniques, such as weaving, basketry, stitchery, quilting, crochet, spinning, etc.  We will create handmade paper and fiber art mixed media works using pulps made from abaca, mulberry, cotton, and other locally collected fiber plants.  Using two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques and natural colors and textures from the various plant fibers, expand your horizons and discover new possibilities in fiber art.

  • Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11, 10AM to 4PM.  Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432. Register by sending $100 deposit by Oct. 17.
  • Fee $200 – Materials and equipment provided.*

Japanese and Asian Papermaking:   Focus on Asian techniques and fibers.  Learn Japanese papermaking and other unique Asian techniques to create handmade papers from exotic plant fibers such as abaca (banana species), kozo (paper mulberry bark), lotka (Daphne bark) and local fibers that are Asian in origin.  Learn to use Jane’s sugeta (Japanese mold and deckle) as well as Western style molds to create Asian and Japanese papers that can be thin, almost transparent but very strong.  Watermarking, inclusions and other Asian-inspired techniques will be covered.

  • Saturday, Nov. 1710AM to 4PM. Register by email to info@janeingramallen.comor phone 857-234-2432. Register by sending $50 deposit by Nov.14.
  • Fee: $125 – Materials and equipment provided *

Papermaking Studio Rental:  Jane’s Papermaking Studio is available for your personal rental (weekdays or weekends) at a fee of $15/hour (minimum of 4 hours).  To rent the studio you are required to take at least one workshop with Jane and attend a special session with Jane about using the studio.  Jane will prepare materials and be there for consulting. You will have use of the studio space and Jane’s equipment.  Materials cost will depend on what pulp and other materials from Jane are used and will be discussed at the studio session.  Call Jane at 857-234-2432 for more information or email to