The Exotic Fibers Papermaking Workshop with Jane Ingram Allen will be from 10AM to 4 PM on Saturday, Feb. 24 at Studio Santa Rosa, 3740 Finley Ave., Santa Rosa, CA. This workshop is already full, but I plan to offer more papermaking workshops in the future. Keep watching this Blog for photos of the workshop and announcements about upcoming papermaking and art workshops.

These photos show a eucalyptus tree where I gathered the bark to make paper pulp for the workshop. The photo is by my husband Timothy S. Allen ( Keep watching this Blog for photos of the Exotic Fibers Workshop.

In this workshop students will learn about various exotic plant fibers and how to use them for handmade paper using Asian/Japanese techniques with Western and Japanese equipment and supplies. Some fibers we will use include kozo (Paper Mulberry tree bark), lotka (Daphne bush bark from Nepal), Sitka Spruce tree bark from the Oregon coast, Eucalyptus bark gathered in Santa Rosa, and other exotic fibers to create unique handmade paper.