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“Living Quilt” has a bud on October 16, 2017

Jane Ingram Allen’s “Living Quilt for Newnan” is starting to bloom. This photo was sent yesterday by Newnan Art Rez board member Bette Hickman showing a wildflower plant with a small bud. It is exciting to see the growth of the quilt, and hopefully some blooms will be happening soon. This installation was installed on August 31 in Newnan, Georgia, at a park near the intersection of College and Temple Avenues in downtown Newnan, next to the Children’s Museum that is at the site of the historic Male Academy in Newnan.

Jane created this art installation during her August 2017 residency at Newnan Art Rez (www.newnanartist.org). The quilt is made with handmade paper dyed with non-toxic dye and has seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to grow and bloom in the same “house” pattern. The handmade paper dissolves as mulch, and over time the flowers will continue to grow and bloom as a living quilt for the flower bed. The headboard and footboard was created by the artist with local branches and vines. Here is a photo of the quilt on the day it was installed.

the Living Quilt for Newnan on August 31, 2017

Keep watching here for more photos as the quilt begins to bloom.