My artist-in-residency project at Newnan Art Rez ( in Newnan, Georgia, “Living Quilt for Newnan”, was installed on August 31, 2017. Just a few days after the installation Hurricane Irma arrived.  The art installation survived this latest hurricane to strike Florida and the southeastern coast of the US. My “Living Quilt for Newnan” installation consists of a handmade paper quilt in a house pattern with seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to transform over time into a living blooming work of art. The quilt is installed on a “flower bed” of soil with a headboard and footboard I made with local branches and vines. The installation seems to have survived well the heavy rain and winds in the Newnan area.  There were some power outages in the area that lasted a few days.  We wish all the people in the areas hit by the two recent US hurricanes all the best.

Here are some photos of the art installation in Newnan taken a few days after the installation and before the hurricane showing the transformation beginning and plants starting to appear as the handmade paper dissolves.

The last group of photos are showing the installation after Hurricane Irma came through last week. You can see the plants are growing bigger, and there are lots of loose twigs and leaves on the ground from the storm. These two sets of photos are by artist and Newnan Art Rez board member, Bette Hickman. Thank you, Bette!

I will continue to post photos on this Blog when I receive them from the people in Newnan. Hope the “living quilt” will grow well and provide lots of flowers for people in Newnan to enjoy.