Bed is completed and ready for the handmade paper quilt.  Local volunteers added lots of hydrangea blossoms to decorate the headboard and footboard that are made from local branches.

Jane Ingram Allen resting after completing the “bed” with Newnan volunteers Tim and Jan Bowyer



Everyone is invited to the installation ceremony and dedication of the Newnan Living Quilt tomorrow August 31 at 6 PM in Newnan, Georgia, at the site next to the old Male Academy and corner of Temple and College Streets in downtown Newnan.  The quilt was made with community participation in Open Studio sessions at the Gray Cottage.  The quilt has a house pattern and is created with handmade paper from plants of Newnan and has seeds for wildflowers in the pulp to change over time and become a living blooming work of art.

Check back here to see the photos of the installation and the finished public art project that I have created during my 3 week artist in residency at Newnan Art Rez, Newnan, GA.  It has been a great experience and a wonderful community to work with.   Thanks everyone for such good support and participation!

Photos here are by my husband Timothy S. Allen (