On Saturday several people came by the Gray Cottage in Newnan, Georgia, to help make paper for the art project I am doing during my residency at Newnan Art Rez http://newnanartist.org

These photos show Erika Morgan and her two children, Macy age 10 and Ethan age 5, learning to make handmade paper using cedar bark pulp and also helping to make some of the quilt squares for the Newnan Eco-Quilt that will be dedicated and installed at 6PM on Thursday, August 31 on the grounds of the children’s museum in Newnan at the corner of Temple and College Streets. The public is invited to the ceremony where the quilt will be installed in the park.  The photos are taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen (allentimphotos2.wordpress.com)

Next week we will be busy at the site creating a bed form of soil and making a headboard and footboard out of local branches. Come join in if you are in the area.
Keep watching this Blog for more photos of my Newnan GA artist in residency project.