Jan Bowyer and Marcy Ward, Newnan Master Gardeners, came over to the Gray Cottage to help with the papermaking during my Newnan Artist in Residency.  The Newnan Master Gardeners group will be helping out also with the making of the flower bed in the park for the installation of the handmade paper quilt with seeds in the pulp to produce wildflowers over time.

I am an artist in residence at Newnan Art Rez (http://newnanartist.org) from August 8 to Sept. 1, 2017, and we are creating a Newnan Eco Quilt with a house theme.  Newnan is known as the “city of homes” because of all the beautiful old homes there.  Newnan is in the state of Georgia about 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta.  We are enjoying the countryside and the people and the many wonderful restaurants too during our stay in Newnan.  These photos are by my husband Timothy S. Allen who came with me to Newnan to document my art project.

Jan and Marcy with Jane cutting and separating string to use in the Newnan handmade paper quilt

Jan Bowyer and Marcy Ward, Newnan master gardeners, came over to help with the papermaking for the Newnan eco-quilt

Jan Bowyer sponges off excess water for the handmade paper quilt

a finished square of the Newnan “house quilt” hanging to dry.


The Newnan eco-quilt will be installed on August 31 at a special ceremony.  Keep looking at this blog to see the finished art installation that will be on the grounds of the old Male Academy in Newnan at the corner of College and Temple.

More photos will be posted here soon.   Come join us for the papermaking open studios this week at Gray Cottage, 23 Clark Street in Newnan, GA.