After arriving late Tuesday, I have had several days to get settled in and local materials and supplies I need to start making handmade paper from local plants and creating a Newnan Eco-Quilt installation.  We also set up an outdoor working area for the papermaking and cooking of the plant materials, and looked at several possible sites for the outdoor installation that will be a “flower bed” with a handmade paper quilt having seeds for wildflowers in the pulp that will change over time to be a living, blooming quilt after the handmade paper dissolves into mulch.  The Newnan quilt will have a house motif since Newnan is known as “the city of homes”.  The site we have decided on is at the corner of Temple and College Street and next to the Children’s Museum and Veteran’s Park.  It will be a great spot and should have many people passing by to take a look and enjoy the installation.  I also met the staff at the historical museum and many people at the University of West Georgia branch that is just behind the Gray Cottage.  I am hoping to get lots of participation from the university staff and students and from visitors to the museum.

I also gathered some plant materials at the historical museum grounds next door to the Gray Cottage where I am staying in Newnan as the artist in residence at Newnan Art Rez (  The plants I gathered are bark from Eastern Red Cedar trees, bark from crepe myrtle trees and bark from a huge red mulberry tree with some branches hanging down low enough to need trimming.  The bark from the cedar trees and the crepe myrtle flakes off naturally so there is no need to trim the trees.  I will also be looking for other plant materials to make paper in the Newnan area, and I will meet with some master gardeners on Tuesday.

Here are some photos of the past few days taken by my husband Timothy S. Allen who is with me for this residency in Newnan, GA.

sketch of house motif for paper quilt

meeting University of West Georgia staff in Newnan with Newnan Art Rez board member Bette Hickman

Talking about my handmade paper and flower seeds installation with staff at University of West Georgia and Bette Hickman

Looking at peeling bark on crepe myrtle trees with curator at the historical museum

Looking at the site for my handmade paper quilt installation at the Children’s Musuem grounds in Newnan

working in the studio on the design for the “house” quilt in Newnan

Bette Hickman, Newnan Art Rez Board Member, looking at my Taiwan Site Map hanging in the Newnan studio