I am now working in Newnan, Georgia, as artist in residence at Newnan Art Rez.  I arrived late in the evening on August 8, after a delayed flight and getting from the Atlanta airport to the city of Newnan, about 45 minutes southeast of Atlanta.

We are staying at the Gray Cottage, in downtown Newnan, and it is a great space with a studio room and lots of space.  My husband Tim came with me, and he will be taking lots of photos to document the Newnan art project.   Here is a photo Tim took yesterday of Gray Cottage.

I am now figuring out what I will create and getting started to work.  I plan to make a handmade paper quilt and am thinking to use a house theme, since Newnan is known as the “city of homes”.  The town is filled with many beautiful old Southern homes, and we look forward to the time here reconnecting with my Southern roots.  I have ancestors on both sides of my family who first settled in Newnan after coming to America in the 1700s and 1800s from Ireland and Scotland.  These photos show me working in the studio room on sketches for the “house” quilt idea.


I also hung a couple of older handmade paper artworks that I brought with me in the studio space at Newnan Art Rez.  Here you can see a Sitka Paper Quilt created in 2014 at my residency at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Otis, Oregon, and a Taiwan Site Map created in 2004 during my first Fulbright Scholar award artist in residency in Taiwan.

Today I plan to meet with some Newnan Art Rez volunteers and look for materials and supplies to start the hand papermaking activities in Newnan.  Hope I can find some interesting plants here to make paper.

Keep watching my Blog for more posts about my residency in Newnan from August 8 to Sept. 1, 2017.  The website for Newnan Art Rez is at http://www.newnanartist.org