I have just finished creating the Taiwan Fulbright Foundation 60th Anniversary Site Map artwork – Making Connections – that I was invited to make for the  60th anniversary of the Fulbright program of educational and cultural exchanges between the US and Taiwan.  I was a Fulbright Scholar artist in residence in Taiwan in 2004-04 and 2004-05 and continued working full time as an artist in Taiwan until moving back to the USA in 2012.  The 60th anniversary celebration in Taiwan will be June 1 and 2 with an international symposium.  My artwork will be hung in the library and conference space at the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) headquarters building at 2F, 45, Yanping S. Rd. Taipei 10043.

These photos show the finished mixed-media artwork hanging in the small studio space here in Santa Rosa, CA.   The artwork is created from handmade paper using plants of Taiwan and the USA that I made in residencies over the past few years in Taiwan and the USA.  I use natural string and acrylic paint and collage on the handmade paper, and the artwork will fold up like a map at the string parts for easy shipment and storage.  The artwork represents a map of Taiwan and the USA joined together with strings, and there are many images of the cultures of the two countries and the history of the Fulbright program connecting Taiwan and USA.   I will mail the artwork to Taipei later this week and hope to receive some photos soon from the staff at Fulbright Taiwan so we can see the artwork hanging in Taiwan.  These photos were taken by Timothy S. Allen (http://allentimphotos2.wordpress.com)