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I am doing an environmental art installation here in the SF area as an exhibiting artist for the 2016 Bioneers Conference (http://conference.bioneers.org)
to be held Oct. 21-23 at the Marin Center, San Rafael, California. I will present an interactive installation called “Every Drop Counts”. For the 2016 Bioneers conference, the WEAD (Women Eco Artists Dialog) organization (www.weadartists.org) is organizing an art exhibition about “Reciprocity” with an environmental theme showing how art can contribute to more public awareness of environmental issues such as water conservation.


I will go to Laney College, Oakland, on Tuesday, October 11 to work with the art class “Eco Art Matters” to create hundred of handmade paper “drops” using blue paper pulp made from old blue jeans and other recycled paper with seeds for blue wildflowers in the pulp. At the 4 days of the Bioneers Conference Oct. 21-23 at the Marin Center, San Rafael, the installation will be displayed and visitors invited to make a pledge to conserve water and take a “drop” from the installation home with them to plant and water until it transforms into blue wildflowers….or save the “drop” on the refrigerator to remind them to conserve water. Lack of water is one of the most pressing problems in northern California in the last few years because of prolonged drought and global warming effects.
Water is a concern all over the world, and this installation has been shown in several other venues…it has been in a NYC gallery, in a gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as at a university gallery in Taiwan. This will be its debut in California with new drops being made at the Laney College class and maintained during the conference by Laney College students and the two art professors (Andree Thompson and Sharon Siskin).

Here are some photos of the installation in New York City at Tenri Gallery in 2009 and in Geneva, Switzerland at the Villa Dutoit, for the Paper/Fiber Art Biennial in 2016.

every-drop-counts-2008 every-drop-counts-in-switzerland-biennial

Check back here to see more photos of the papermaking workshop at Laney College on Oct. 11 and also to see the installation of “Every Drop Counts” at the 2016 Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, Oct. 21-23, 2016.