Here are some photos of the papermaking activities on Friday August 19 for my Artist in Residency project on Peddock’s Island at Boston Harbor Islands National Park.

IMG_01371 IMG_01402 IMG_01413 IMG_01494 IMG_01505 IMG_01526 IMG_01567 IMG_9957-28 IMG_9961-29 IMG_9962-210 IMG_9964-211On Friday, August 19, we made paper from the invasive plant on Peddock’s Island called Oriental Bittersweet. It is a vine originally from Asia that is wrapping around trees and in general making itself very invasive on the islands.

Another volunteer Christine also came to help with the papermaking, and Bob also joined us for the day of preparing pulp from invasive species and making some bird shaped paper forms that will be used in the finished installation piece to be displayed on Thursday August 25 in Christopher Columbus Park near Long Wharf in Boston for the 100th anniversary of the national parks. I will have a tent there in the park and be there from 2-4 PM that day.

Keep watching the Blog to see more photos of the papermaking activities on Peddock’s Island.
Photos are by Timothy S. Allen (