The second day, Thursday August 18, two volunteers came out to help with making paper from local invasive plants on Peddock’s Island.  We picked some invasive Bittersweet vine to make paper.  It was great to have volunteers, Joyce Tat and Bob Marcus, helping with the project.
Here are some photos of the papermaking activities on the second day of the residency project.

IMG_000116 IMG_99051  IMG_99163 IMG_99174 IMG_99266 IMG_99377 IMG_99418 IMG_99479  IMG_99572 IMG_99603 IMG_99624 IMG_99624 IMG_99645 IMG_99676 IMG_99697 IMG_99768 IMG_99779 IMG_994910 IMG_997910 IMG_998811 IMG_999112 IMG_999413 IMG_999514

Thanks to the great volunteers and also to my husband Timothy S. Allen for taking all the photos. We will keep posting photos and updates about the project.
Public Open Studios will be this weekend August 20 and 21, and we hope to make lots of handmade paper birds representing the endangered species on the Islands. Come join the fun if you are in the Boston area and take the ferry to Peddock’s Island.