I am happy to announce that I will again be the international curator for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Taiwan. I will go to Cheng Long village from April 7 to May 2, 2016, and look forward to welcoming the artists there for the 25-day funded artist in residency project. Here is a short version of the Call for Proposals and more information and the complete Call with all instructions is on the Blog at http://artproject4wetland.wordpress.com

chenglong site map front side
Here is a photo of the Cheng Long Wetlands Site Map I created last year while in Cheng Long village using local plants to make handmade paper and other collected materials from the Cheng Long area.

Cheng Long is a wonderful small fishing village on the southwest coast of Taiwan, and I have been curating an eco-art project here each year since 2010.  The theme for 2016 is about flooded lands and global warming and thinking about the future.  Contact me by email with any questions.  Looking forward to seeing many good proposals for 2016.