I am enjoying the time here in Keelung Taiwan curating the first environmental art project at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung, Taiwan.

Here is a link to the Museum’s website, and you can click on the map by the “Letter” indicating each artwork to get the information about each artist and the individual artworks.  http://artproject2015.nmmst.gov.tw

Below are photos of each artist’s sculpture installation just 3 days before the opening on Saturday June 6!  The works are created during a 25-day residency in Taiwan by the 8 selected artists:  Ashish Ghosh – India, Firman Djamil – Indonesia, Michael & Anna Rofka – Germany & Ukraine, Chris (Kuei-chih) Lee – Taiwan, Rudi Punzi – Italy, Sue Bamford – UK, Sarah Havilland – USA, Yi-chun Lo – Taiwan.

“Exiled Reef” by Chris Lee – Taiwan

Chris -small

House of the Sea” by Michael and Anna Rofka – Germany & UkraineMichael & Anna - small

“Resounding Dome” by Rudi Punzo – ItalyRudi - small

“Black Kite Bench” by Sarah Haviland- USA

Sarah - small

“Spokesmen for the Ocean” by Sue Bamford – UKSue - small

“Gift of Light” by Yi-chun Lo – TaiwanYi chun - small

“Living in Rompong” by Firman Djamil – IndonesiaFirman - small

“Dream Boat” by Ashish Ghosh – IndiaAshish - small

Photos are by Timothy S. Allen (allentimphotos2.wordpress.com)

The opening day for the NMMST International Environmental Art Project “Paradise – Sustainable Oceans” is Saturday June 6, with public participation activities with the artists.  The artworks will remain on view through August 30 and probably longer.

Check back here for photos of all the finished installations after the opening this Saturday.