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I am in Keelung, Taiwan, May 14 – June 8, working as the curator for a new eco-art project focused on ocean environmental issues. This international environmental art project is at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung, Taiwan (www.nmmst.gov.tw). There are 9 international artists living and working in Keelung from May 14 to June 6 to create site specific environmental sculpture installations on the theme of “Paradise – Sustainable Oceans”.

The international artists I selected from over 200 applications for this art project are as follows:

Ashish Ghosh – India, Firman Djamal – Indonesia, Michael and Anna Rofka – Germany & Ukraine, Lee Kuei-chih (Chris) – Taiwan, Rudi Punzo – Italy, Sarah Haviland – USA, Sue Bamford – UK and Lo Yi-chun – Taiwan.  Here are some photos of the installations in progress. Photos are by Timothy S. Allen (http://alltentimephotos2.wordpress.com)

visitors looking at Chris' artwork-1 Firman's artwork 5-30-1 Ashish's installed artwork 5-29Rudi's artwork 5-27Ashish's dying workshop-1 Chris arranging driftwood-1 Michael and Anna's artwork 5-30-1 Sarah showing her bench to Jane and visitors-1 Sue showing visitors her army-1 Yi chun's artwork 5-30-1

The Opening Day for the Keelung art project is Saturday, June 6, and there will be activities with the artists from 10-12 and 4-5 and an opening ceremony at 3PM that day. The artists will all return to their homes on Monday, June 8, and I will be going back to the USA on June 10. The artworks created in Keelung at the NMMST will remain on view until 8/30/2015 or maybe longer depending on the winds and weather! I will post photos later of all the finished artworks on this Blog.

Also, take a look at the Museum’s website at http://www.nmmst.gov.tw You can click on English and then look under Activities for the information about the international environmental art project.