Jane Putting Handmade Paper on a Coral Wall to dry during Fulbright Residency in Penghu, Taiwan

Jane Putting Handmade Paper to dry on a Coral Wall during Fulbright Residency in Penghu, Taiwan

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“Going Global with Your Art Career”

Jane Ingram Allen, Instructor

Jane Ingram Allen is an international artist, art professor, curator and critic living in Taiwan from 2004 – 2012, going there in 2004 as a Fulbright research scholar to be an artist in residence in 14 different communities over a 2-year grant period. Jane has done international art projects and residencies in many countries including the USA, the Philippines, Japan, Nepal, Brazil, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia), England, France, China and Taiwan. She also curates international exhibitions and has served on juries and review committees for Fulbright visual arts grants, foundation art grants and many international art projects and exhibitions.

Expanded Course Description:

GOING GLOBAL WITH YOUR ART CAREER – International Opportunities for Artists

This 3 hour Workshop/class with instructor Jane Ingram Allen is being offered at Santa Rosa Junior College, Saturday, Feb. 7, 1PM to 4PM, 1588 Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Campus, Santa Rosa, CA

This course is for artists who are ready to expand their art career internationally and travel to other countries for residencies, exhibitions and other opportunities. The course will cover the following:

  1. How to communicate internationally and adjust to cultural differences.
  2. What promotional materials should you prepare to go global with your art career.
  3. Different international opportunities such as artist in residencies, art competitions, exhibitions at galleries and museums and teaching or lecturing in other countries
  4. How to find out about international opportunities through Websites, networks, publications and other sources
  5. How to make successful proposals and applications
  6. What can international opportunities do for your career
  7. How to get funding for international art opportunities
  8. Sharing and Discussion of materials from participants