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Prayer Flags at Nan Hua University “Healing the Earth” Installation Surviving Well After Three Months

prayer flags may1prayer flags ma-clossyprayer flags may-1These photographs show how the 250 handmade paper prayer flags created for my “Healing the Earth” installation are surviving after 2 months. When I returned to Nan Hua University to make a presentation for the school’s International Biodiversity Day celebration on May 23, I had a chance to visit the installation again and see how the artwork was changing over time. The students told me that the weather has been very rainy and windy during the months since the artwork was installed on March 22.   It is amazing to see how well the handmade paper has survived. The colors have faded somewhat and some flags have fallen to the ground and been dissolved into compost, but most are still “hanging in there”. The students and I made the paper pulp for the flags from paper mulberry bark and dyed the pulp with liquid fiber reactive dye. The handmade paper sheets were formed on A-4 size Western-style moulds and done in the Asian or Japanese way with multiple dips and using formation aid in the vat. This seems to produce very strong paper that lasts well through wind and heavy rainstorms.

You can see earlier entries on this Blog when the prayer flags installation was first put up and also see photos of the process of creating “Healing the Earth”. day 12_flags right side-small_1723 copy copy

I hope the students at Nan Hua University will send some more photos in a few months to show how the installation continues to change over time.